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History of Early Civilizations

Code: 67685
ECTS: 4.0
Lecturers in charge: izv. prof. dr. sc. Ivan Matijević
Lecturers: Zvonimir Forker - Seminar
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Lecture typeTotal
Lectures 30
Seminar 15
* Load is given in academic hour (1 academic hour = 45 minutes)
The aim of the course is to familiarize students with the conditions of origin and development of early civilizations. It seeks to encourage them to think and reasoning about historical events, scientific and artistic achievements as well as various religious concepts and practices, based on the study of written and material sources and scientific literature. In this respect, enabling them to write a quality term paper with a critical comment on individual phenomena of rich history of early civilizations.
  1. Geoffrey Barraclough, ur.: Povijest svijeta
  2. A. Siliotti,: Egipat. Hramovi, bogovi, ljudi
  3. S. Kochav: Izrael. Zemlja i njezin sjaj
Optional literature:
  1. F. Bourbon,: Drevne civilizacije. Velike kulture svijeta
  2. B. Kuntić-Makvić, B. Olujić: Mali pojmovnik stare povijesti: Ispitno pomagalo
1. semester
Mandatory course - Regular studij - History
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