Uskoro će biti objavljen natječaj za istraživačku stipendiju AXA za postdoktorande - kandidatima su dostupne dvogodišnje pozicije na Sveučilištu u Padovi. /_news/39730/Applications_Guidelines_PDF_2017_FINAL.pdf

Eligibility criteria: 1) candidates without a permanent academic position; 2) with past, present or planned international mobility and 3) first PhD (or equivalent doctoral degree) awarded before the beginning of the Post-Doctoral grant and within the 3 years preceding the deadline for the submission of their research proposal (eligibility period may be extended up to 6 years in the event of
documented career breaks, please see the Application Guidelines for further details).

The AXA Research Fund supports basic science dedicated to a better understanding of global risks related to: Environmental risks, Life
risks, Socio-economic risks, “The Fourth Industrial Revolution” (Application Guidelines for further details).

If you are interested, send us your proposal as described at page 9 of the Application Guidelines (no reference letters are needed at this
stage) by email to before and not after the 31st March 2017.

The candidate’s proposal will be evaluated by the University of Padova Selection Committee first and then by the AXA Research Fund Evaluation Panel, on the  basis of the criteria listed in the Application Guidelines.


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Jelena Novaković
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