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Teacher education students visit the Mosor observatory and the historical Republic of Poljica

On June 3, 2023, a group of teacher education students took part in a field class, as part of the course Extracurricular teaching in education for sustainable development. Assoc. prof Vesna Kostović-Vranješ headed the field class, which was organized by Tomislav Nikolić, secretary of the Mosor Observatory Association, and realized by prof. Bože Ujević, head master of the Kamen-Šine Elementary School.

While visiting the Žrnovnica river spring, prof. Ujević gave a lecture on the importance of fresh water, and the animal and plant world at the Žrnovnica spring. During the visit to the Church of St. George, the Church of St. Cyprian in the village of Gata,  and the Church of St. Clement in Sitno Gornje, the students learned about the history of the ancient Poljica Republic, a self-governed rural community, and it Statute, Glagolitic priests, cultural significance of the churches, and other peculiarities of this immensely important rural commune.

The lesson ended with a visit to the Mosor observatory, where Zoran Knez, astronomer-animator, organized a tour of the surroundings with panoramic binoculars for the students.

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