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1. Requirements for the submission of the application:
Candidates who have finished at least one of the following: undergraduate studies program; graduate studies program; integrated undergraduate and graduate studies program, professional program degree, four-year undergraduate degree prior to the Bologna reform; candidates who previously have completed the adequate professional pre-graduate, graduate or undergraduate program degree, with the obligation of taking the differential exams. All candidates will have to pass the admission procedure for enrolment. 

2. Enrolment quota: 30 students 

3. Registration:
Registration and the enrolment application are submitted electronically by sending the documentation (PDF or JPG format) to the following e-mail address: (Subject: DRIMS Admissions - Name Surname) or by sending the documentation by post to the following address: Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences; Poljička cesta 35, 21 000 Split, specifying "DRIMS admissions – Your Name & Surname"

The following documents are mandatory:
•    Application form  Application form
•    Curriculum Vitae (Europass format,
•    Photo (standardized photo for passports, minimum resolution 150 dpi);
•    Copy of proof of citizenship (birth certificate for Croatian citizens and a passport for foreign citizens);
•    Motivation letter in English outlining the reasons for applying to the master's program - Democracy and Resilience in Modern Society (500-800 words);
•    Copy of diploma / bachelor's degree. The original document must be available on request during registration.

Each document issued in a foreign language must be certified (Apostille stamp, etc.) and translated by a certified court interpreter, except documents issued in English, Serbian, or Bosnian (in the Latin alphabet for both), which do not need a translation.

• Candidates who are not native English speakers or have not completed secondary or higher education in an English-speaking education system must submit a proof of English language competency (TOEFL, IELTS, CAE). Cambridge and Oxford certificates issued by foreign language schools outside the Republic of Croatia are also recognized. Candidates who, at the time of application, do not have a proof of language competence in English can take the test at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Split (dates to be determined).

Proof of payment of the enrolment fee paid to the account:
Bank: OTP banka d.d., Domovinskog rata 61, 21000 Split, Hrvatska
Recipient: Filozofski fakultet, Poljička cesta 35, 21000 Split, Hrvatska
IBAN: HR5124070001100571320
o     a fee of 90,00 EUR is to be paid for candidates who have a proof of English language competency.
Payment info:
Purpose of payment: "DRIMS Selection"
Authorization number reference: HR00 31016-1

o     a fee of 180,00 EUR is to be paid for candidates who must take the English language proficiency test at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Split.
Payment info:
Purpose of payment: "DRIMS Selection + English"
Authorization number reference: HR00 31016-6
 (Please note that the enrolment fee is non-refundable, and the applicant covers the bank transaction costs).

Important notice
Candidates who have completed their previous studies in educational institutions outside the Republic of Croatia need to submit a request for a diploma/bachelor's degree recognition/evaluation to the University of Split (Ruđera Boškovića 31, 21 000 Split). In the application documentation it is enough to submit proof of a submitted application.

Additional documents:
In addition to the required documents, the applicant may submit additional documents which could provide extra points in the selection process: letters of recommendation (maximum of two letters), evidence of other academic, athletic, or philanthropic achievements such as participation in national and international secondary school academic competitions, an acquired status of athletic excellence, or participation in volunteer programs.

Application dates: from June 1st to July 28th 2023 in the summer term and from August 21st to September 4th 2023 in the autumn term (in case the enrollment quota is not filled in the summer term).

4. Selection procedure
Candidates who have submitted valid and complete documentation enter the classification process, which begins by sending a notice with an invitation to an online interview. The invitation to the online interview will be sent to the applicant via the enrolment application's e-mail address no later than September 1st, 2023, for applications in the summer term, or by September 8th, 2023, for autumn term applications.
On the day of the online interview, at least 90 minutes before the start, the candidates will receive by e-mail a short text in English describing some research. During the online interview, which will be conducted in English, committee members will discuss various topics with the candidate, including the abovementioned text. The interview will be evaluated according to the criteria established by 
the Admissions Committee.

The results of the selection procedure will be published no later than September 18th, 2023. 

5. Annual tuition
The master's program Democracy and Resilience in Modern Society is two-years long. The annual tuition is 6.000,00 €. 

6. Enrolment
Enrolment will take place September 19-29, 2023.
According to the ranking list; based on the points from the classification procedure, candidates will have the right to enrol in the master's program until the enrolment quota is full.

Candidates must pay the full price of the annual tuition fee no later than one week from the date of the ranking list's public announcement (no later than September 25th, 2023). Candidates who do not pay within the specified period will lose their right to enrol in the master's program. Once they pay the tuition fee in full, candidates will be considered formally enrolled in the program. The tuition fee is non-refundable. However, in case of the cancellation of the program due to an insufficient number of enrolled students, the payment will be refunded (the applicant will cover the bank transaction costs).

Mandatory documents required for enrolment:
All candidates with the right to enrol need to submit the following documents either in the original or as a certified copy:
proof of citizenship (passport for foreign citizens, certificate of nationality for Croatian citizens –the certificate of nationality generated by the Croatian e-Citizens system is recognized);
• document on which the OIB of the applicant is evident (foreign citizens must also enclose a certificate with a personal identification number (OIB) issued by the Ministry of Finance, Tax Administration - Split Regional Office);
diploma / bachelor's degree
recognition/evaluation of foreign educational degrees
proof of the one-time payment of the annual tuition
photo (format 3.5cm x 4.5cm)
• copy of an identity card
birth certificate (a birth certificate generated from the Croatian e-Citizens system is recognized).

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Split reserves the right to cancel the study program in case of an insufficient number of enrolled tuition-paying students.

For all additional inquiries and information, candidates can contact: