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Creative writing club - invitation to all the students

For the first time at our Faculty we are opening a club for the students that is led by the students. The club in question is focused on expressing your creativity through writing. Anyone who is interested can apply. We welcome everyone regardless of which department you may be in. The club will mainly focus on promoting creativity and self expression through writing shorter or longer texts on a shared broader topic (happiness for example).You can write in any language you prefer, be it Croatian, English or any other, but Croatian and English would work best if we are to read and talk about each other's work.

It is our primary goal to free the creative spirit of our fellow colleagues and secondarily if some of you are willing to send their works to be published in the magazine called The Split Mind we are more than willing to help. The club has no set time for gatherings as of yet, we hope to arrange a time that will work for all of the applicants which is why it is important to send expressions of interest to the following e-mail:

There is no membership fee nor are you obligated to come to every gathering. This is an informal student club that exists only to enrich the possibilities of our faculty and to hopefully inspire further independent student activities.



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