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Lecture on eating disorders

A public lecture titled Eating disorders - social and cultural factors, which took place January 18, 2023 in the Blatine - Škrape Elementary School, was delivered by our Faculty professor Sanja Stanić. The lecture, attended by teachers and parents of fifth grade pupils, was planned as part of community outreach activities of the Faculty Center for Transdisciplinary Research and Promotion of the Culture of Health, and in cooperation with the Blatine - Škrape Elementary School. 

Eating disorders are a growing problem and can occur due to many factors. An increasing number of children are developing eating disorders, and an alarming number of very young children as well. Prof. Stanić described various types of eating disorders, emphasizing the role of social and cultural risk factors. She also discussed the results of large-scale research carried out on this topic, while highlighting the fact that this subject matter is still not addressed enough in Croatia. The teachers and parents also found out about ways to identify and prevent eating disorders.

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