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We often find ourselves in situations where we fail to meet our own needs. If this state lasts for a long time, we enter a long-term state of unpleasant emotions that intertwine, appear without notice and confuse us. The appearance of an unpleasant emotion (fear, frustration, boredom, sadness, shame, disappointment, anger...) is the first sign that we are not able to find a way to get what we need in the environment.The first step in controlling emotions is the moment when we recognize that we are experiencing an unpleasant emotion and that it comes from a discord arising between our desires and the reality around us. 

In the workshop, you will learn more about all this, as well as about the continuation of the emotion control strategy. The workshop will take place April 27, 2023, 18:00 - 19:30 in classroom P3, and is open to students and employees of the University of Split.

Due to the limited number of participants, registration is mandatory:

The organizers of the workshop are the Faculty Student Counseling Center and the Career Management Office of the University of Split. The leader of the workshop is Marijana Petrić Maršić, expert psychologist with many years of experience in the education system. After various training (reality therapy, counseling skills, work with associative maps, mediation...) she started training in the field of cognitive-behavioral therapy, which she will soon complete. Her primary professional interest is counseling/psychotherapy work with young people and adults, and workshop training with young people.

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