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In a conversation with Meštrović - at the end of the summer semester at the Center for Croatian Studies Abroad

Participants in the Croatian Language and Culture for Foreigners program spent the last week of classes at the Meštrović Gallery, thus having the opportunity to get to know the work (and character) of Croatia's renowned sculptor Ivan Meštrović. Museum curator Iris Marinović introduced the group to Meštrović's truly impressive opus. This interesting journey through time and space included observation of sculptural and other works, as well as stories from Meštrović's personal life; his birth in the wide plains of Slavonia, his childhood in the hinterland of central Dalmatia, and life in Split, Zagreb and numerous European and American cities.

Curator Marinović introduced foreign students to Ivan Meštrović, one of the greatest and most important Croatian sculptors and artists, in a truly interesting lecture.


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