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English Language II

Code: 67612
ECTS: 2.0
Lecturers in charge: v. lekt. Siniša Ninčević
Lecturers: v. lekt. Siniša Ninčević - Practical foreign language exercises
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Lecture typeTotal
Practical foreign language exercises 15
Lectures 15
* Load is given in academic hour (1 academic hour = 45 minutes)

This course aims to combine articles on technical terms and processes within the scope of history, art history and archaeology. Students acquire the "language" (terminology and formal register of the Humanities) of the said disciplines through reading and discussing the assigned articles. Students are encouraged both to participate in class discussions and demonstrate their understanding of the readings both orally and in writing, thus building up translation skills in their respective specialist area.
Learning outcomes:
  1. , - McCarthy, Michael, O'Dell, Felicity, English Vocabulary in Use (Advanced), Cambridge University Press, 2002., (odabrani dijelovi).
    -Odabrani autentični tekstovi iz opće kulturalne tematike, poglavito iz povijesti umjetnosti i povijesti., , , .
Optional literature:
  1. , -Odabrani tekstovi iz različitih publikacija i časopisa. McCarthy, O'Dell, English Vocabulary in Use (Advanced).
    -Chilvers, Ian, The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Art and Artists, Oxford University Press, 2003.
    - Clarke, Michael, The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Art Terms, Oxford University Press, 2001.
    - Hewings, Martin, Advanced Grammar in Use, Cambridge University Press, 1999.
    -Krausse, Anna, The Story of Painting, Cologne, 1995., , , .
  2. , Različiti rječnici: Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionaery, Cambridge International Dictionary of English., , , .
Prerequisit for:
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Attended : English Language I
2. semester
Povijest umjetnosti 2 - Regular studij - Art History
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