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Systems of Distance Teaching

Code: 68138
ECTS: 4.0
Lecturers in charge: doc. dr. sc. Suzana Tomaš
Lecturers: Marijana Vrdoljak - Laboratory exercises
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1. komponenta

Lecture typeTotal
Laboratory exercises 30
Lectures 30
* Load is given in academic hour (1 academic hour = 45 minutes)
Learning outcomes:
  1. Self-evaluate distance learning systems based on modern information and
    communication technology.
  2. Take part in the teams and formed a new distance learning systems.
  3. Independently develop educational content intended for use within a learning management system (LMS).
  4. Monitoring the activities developed within the learning management system in admin roles of teaching content and teachers.
  5. Self-participate in lifelong learning related to the application of information and communication technology for education.
  6. Prepare users for working with distance learning systems
  1. Digitalna tehnologija kao potpora praćenju i vrednovanju,, Suzana Tomaš, CARNET, 2018.
  2. Teaching digital natives: Partnering for real learning, , Prensky, M, Corwin Press., 2010.
6. semester
MODUL 2: Primjena IKT u učenju i poučavanju (6. semestar) - Regular studij - Teacher Education
Consultations schedule: