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Visual Arts

Code: 68071
ECTS: 3.0
Lecturers in charge: izv. prof. dr. sc. Marija Brajčić
Lecturers: Mia Mijaljica - Methodology exercises
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Lecture typeTotal
Methodology exercises 15
Lectures 30
* Load is given in academic hour (1 academic hour = 45 minutes)
Qualify students for understanding, identify and interpret visual language, visual
communication, visual arts, and design.
Develop students' artistic and creative abilities
Develop the ability to analyze and understand a work of art (learning about visual
arts by historical periods).
1. Introduction: analysis of course contents, student obligations
2. Visual and creative thinking; The dot and the line
3. Colour, color contrasts, shades, color degradation, shaping and modulation, the
psychological effects and symbolics of color
4. The plane, free-form geometric planes, the plane in painting, sculpture,
5. Surface: texture in sculpture, painting, architecture
6. Volume: types of sculpture
7. Architecture and urbanism
8. Perspective: linear or geometric, reversed, atmospheric, coloristic, semantic,
9. Composition, compositional elements
10. Drawing techniques
11. Painting Techniques
12. Graphic techniques
13. Sculpting techniques
14. Design
15. Analysis of significant works of art
1. Drawing (3 periods)
2. Painting (7 periods)
3. Graphic expression (2 periods
4. Three-dimensional design (3 periods)
  1. Ivančević, R.: Likovni govor
  2. Damjanov, J.: Likovna umjetnost I i II.
  3. Damjanov, J.: Vizualni jezik i likovna umjetnost: uvod u likovno obrazovanje
  4. Damjanov, J.: Likovna umjetnost.
  5. Peić, M.: Pristup likovnom djelu
Optional literature:
  1. Arnhajm, R.: Umetnost i vizualno opažanje
  2. Gombrih, E. H.: Umetnost i iluzija
  3. Ivančević, R.: Perspektive
  4. Breber, P., Leg, D.: Percepcija i informacija
6. semester
Mandatory course - Regular studij - Integrated Undergraduate and Graduate University Programme in Teacher Education
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