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Language Exercises III

Code: 188226
ECTS: 4.0
Lecturers in charge: lekt. Silvija Ugrina
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Proofreading exercises 90
* Load is given in academic hour (1 academic hour = 45 minutes)
The focus of work lies in the enrichment of knowledge (lexical and grammatical) necessary for free oral and written communication and the revision and improvement of acquired grammatical knowledge. The course applies the learned language structures orally and in writing in form of talks, written compositions, by expressing opinion and taking a stand on a topic taught in class.
Topics: Language and Communication, Past and Present, Strength and Weaknesses, Education and Training including planned language activities (exercises on expressing opinion and writing). Grammar:(Revision and deepening) verb tenses, verbs with separable or inseparable prefixes, Konjunktiv I and II, adverbial clauses, verbs with complements, noun-verb-connections, formation of nouns, participles as adjectives, adjectives and participles used as nouns, relative clauses.
Translations exercises from German to Croatian and vice versa are also an important component of this course. The texts that are translated are thematically related to topics taught in class.
1. Language and Communication (10 E) 2. Revision and deepening: verb tenses (8 E) 3. Oral communication exercises (2 E) 4. Listening comprehension exercises (2 E) 5. Translation exercises (2 E) 6. Past and Present (10 E) 7. Revision and deepening: adverbial clauses (2 E) 8. Oral communication exercises (2 E) 9. Listening comprehension exercises (2 E)
10. Translation exercises (2 E) 11. Strength and Weaknesses (14 E) 12. Revision and deepening: verbs with complements, noun-verb- connections, formation of nouns (6 E) 13. Oral communication exercises (2 E) 14. Listening comprehension exercises (2 E) 15. Translation exercises (2 E) 16. Education and Training (10 E) 17. Revision and deepening: participles as adjectives, adjectives and participles used as nouns, relative clauses (6 E) 18. Oral communication exercises (2 E) 19. Listening comprehension exercises (2 E) 20. Translation exercises
(2 E)
  1. Anne Buscha, Susanne Raven, Szilvia Szita: Erkundungen, Deutsch als Fremdsprache C1: Integriertes Kurs- und Arbeitsbuch, Sprachniveau C1,
  2. Helbig/Buscha: Übungsgrammatik Deutsch
  3. Helbig/Buscha: Deutsche Grammatik
Optional literature:
  1. Hall/Scheiner: Übungsgrammatik für Fortgeschrittene
  2. Dudenredaktion: Deutsches Universal Wörterbuch A-Z
  3. Hansen-Kokoruš, Renate i dr.: Njemačko-hrvatski univerzalni rječnik
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Mandatory course - Regular studij - German Language and Literature
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