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Mathematics 2

Code: 175206
ECTS: 5.0
Lecturers in charge: v. pred. dr. sc. Nives Baranović
Lecturers: v. pred. dr. sc. Nives Baranović - Seminar
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Lecture typeTotal
Lectures 30
Seminar 30
* Load is given in academic hour (1 academic hour = 45 minutes)
Course objectives:
Consolidating and building on students prior knowledge of the basic concepts in plane geometry. Improve the students ability of mathematical thinking (conception and reasoning), skills to solve different kinds of math problems as well as argumentative and effective communication of mathematical knowledge, ideas and results related to plane geometry. Developing a positive relationship towards learning and teaching plane geometry, responsibility for one s success and progress, as well as awareness of their mathematical abilities. Build firm foundations for lifelong learning and continued education.

Course content:
Introductory: introduction to learning objectives and outcomes, curriculum, assessment methods and assessment criteria.
1. Basic geometric concepts and axioms (2)
2. Derived geometric concepts and their properties (6)
3. Congruence (4)
4. Area (4)
5. Isoperimetric problem in the plane (4)
6. Similarity (2)
7. Basic geometric structures (2)
8. Plane isometry (4)
9. Plane tiling (2)
Learning outcomes:
  1. Matematika 2, , Baranović, N, Nastavni materijal dostupan na:, 2020.
  2. Mathematics for Elementary Teachers: a Contempporary Approach, , Musser, G.L, Burger, W.F., Peterson, B.E, John Wiley & Sons, Inc, USA, 2006.
Optional literature:
  1. Tako poučavamo matematiku, , Pelle, B, Školske novine i HMD, Zagreb, 2004.
  2. Elementarna matematika I, , Pavković, B., Veljan, D, Školska knjiga, Zagreb, 2004.
  3. Elementi geometrije, , Legendre, A. M, Element, Zagreb, 2010.
Prerequisit for:
Enrollment :
Attended : Mathematics 1
4. semester
Mandatory course - Regular studij - Teacher Education
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