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Author: Nedim Čirić

Paper categorization: Review paper

DOI: https://doi.org/10.38003/sv.69.2.2

Paper: 2020. Vol. 69. No. 2. Čirić,


The total excellence of university teaching largely depends on pedagogical and didactical­methodical competencies of university professors. The development and promotion of academic teaching is enabled by the modernization of the teaching process which does not encompass only modernization of curriculum but the entire didactical­methodical organization of teaching. Pleasure and requirements of students are to be accentuated accordingly, as well as competencies of teachers and expectations of labor market. The purpose of this paper is to establish which element of didactical­methodical organization of university teaching is the most important dimension of excellence of teaching as well as in what way university professors perform self­evaluation of the excellence of didactical­methodical organization of teaching at the University of Tuzla. The analytical­descriptive survey method was used as a variant of analytical­descriptive method as well as procedures of analysis of contents and polling. It is supposed that there is statistically significant difference in self­evaluation of the importance of elements of excellence in didactical­methodical organization of teaching at the University of Tuzla and that self­evaluations of the importance of individual elements of excellence of university teaching differ with regard to age, sex, teaching/academic title, years of experience in academic institutions and scientific field the faculty belongs to. The results of this research show that the excellence of planning and preparation and excellence in choice of teaching methods are the most important elements of excellence in the organization of university teaching, and that 90% of teaching personnel evaluates that the classes they organize are at very high level of excellence.


excellence of university teaching, teaching methods, teaching forms, teaching aids and technology