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Authors: Katarina Vanek, Andrej Maras, Petra Karabin

Paper categorization: Review paper

DOI: https://www.ffst.unist.hr/en/skolski_vjesnik/archives/2021/sv_70_2/70_2_8

2021. Vol. 70, No. 2. – K.-Vanek -A.-Maras -P.-Karabin


Being a teacher in contemporary society is becoming more and more challenging. Social expectations of teachers are constantly growing. Therefore, teachers strive to improve their characteristics and competencies. In that respect, it is important to know which personality traits and competencies society expects from a good teacher. Guided by that, this paper aims to comprehensively present a good teacher, considering his or her desirable personality traits, professional competencies and perceptions of participants in the educational process. The results of the review of relevant literature and previous research indicate that a good teacher shows a combination of personality traits such as humanity, wisdom, prudence, perseverance, etc. and competencies such as achieving positive relationships with students, successful classroom management, recognizing the importance of motivation and others.Finally, a good teacher is a combination of desirable personality traits and permanent professional growth. Therefore, this research can contribute to the practice of creating professional development and teacher education programs.


Teacher competencies, teacher characteristics, perceptions of participants in the educational process