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Authors: Alena Letina, Mario Vasilj

Paper categorization: Review paper

DOI: https://ffst.unist.hr/en/skolski_vjesnik/archives/2021/sv_70_1/70_1_10

2021. Vol. 70. No. 1. – A.Letina-M.-Vasilj


This paper discusses the concept of cooperative learning and the role of education of future teachers in the development of their competencies for their implementation in teaching. The aim of this paper is to research the content of relevant literature and to determine whether previous research has sufficiently included an analysis of the competence of teachers and students of teacher education and the role of educational programs in training them to successfully apply ccooperative learning. It was found that, due to the lack of appropriate competencies of teachers for the implementation of this teaching strategy, its application is often neglected. Therefore the development of adequate knowledge, skills and positive beliefs of future teachers about cooperative learning can be considered priorities of their formal education. It was found that so far only a few studies have been conducted on the actual competencies of future teachers for the successful implementation of this teaching strategy, and there is a lack of research on whether teacher education programs adequately support their development. Therefore, this paper concludes on the need to undertake research that will provide a more concrete insight into the current situation and encourage quality and more frequent application of cooperative learning in teaching practice.


competencies for cooperative learning, cooperative learning, future teachers education, student-teachers, teaching strategies